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Periodontitis Periodontosis is a bacterial infection, which manifests itself by a largely irreversible destruction of the periodontium. We can differentiate between apical (at the tip of the root) and marginal periodontosis (proceeding from the ridge), whereas both forms can merge. The cause for apical periodontosis is a nonvital tooth. Possible treatments are a root canal therapy, root-amputation or the extraction of the tooth. The marginal periodontosis is caused by bacterial plaque, when microorganisms as bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoan within the viscous adherent mucous biofilm get out of balance, in favor of the pathogenic organisms. From approximately 500 different bacteria species within the oral cavity only a few are pathogenic (as cause for periodontosis). By x-ray examination bone reduction can be verified. Results of an increase in pathogenic bacteria are gum bleeding, pocket formation, gum reduction and finally loosening and loss of teeth. For the treatment of periodontosis, within the scope of the REGENA-Therapy, the following REGENAPLEX remedies can be used: